STUBC Wk 8: Let’s Reflect

Task 3: Your Blogging Plans

This is the eighth week I am doing a blogging challenges and it might be my last. I’ve grown to like blogging as the weeks have gone on. So when I’m done with blogging challenges I might continue to keep blogging. Since I am not going to be blogging that much I have some ideas of what new blogging challenges there can be.

You can make the challenges more competitive, more exciting, and more fun things to do.

I am going to miss blogging and I hope I will return to it someday.

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STUBC Wk 7: Celebrations & Festivities

Task 1: Family Celebrations

My family celebrates holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick’s Day just like most families.

When we celebrate Christmas we gather family from one side of my family. Then a couple weeks later we celebrate the same holiday again with the other side of my family. So its like we are celebrating two Christmas’s. We usually celebrate Christmas December 25 and January 3 for both sides of my family.

Even though we celebrate Christmas twice we still make good memories, eat great food, and say prayers every time we eat on the holiday.

Week 5 Music

5) Make a playlist

Today I will be making a playlist and I will describe why I chose these songs. My playlist gets me excited and they make me feel happy when I’m ever feeling down or sad.

Playlists Name: Queen/Elton John

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I chose this song because it combines so many kinds of music. This song has an opera, rock and roll, acapella, and a balled all in one song.

Rocket man by Elton John. I chose this song because the song tells a story about a man being away from home and afraid when he comes back his family would be ashamed of him.

Killer Queen by Queen. This song has a good beat and it makes me want to sing along when this song is playing.

I’m Still Standing by Elton John. This song is energetic and the song is about being knocked down but still standing strong.

Radio Ga Ga by Queen. This a fantastic song it really gets the listener into the song too.

Saturday Nights (Alright For Fighting) by Elton John. This song is loud, fast, and energetic. It makes you want to move around as you are listening.

Hammer to Fall by Queen. This song is very cool and the drums are really great when the drummer has a solo. This song makes you want to sing the lyrics right back to the singer.

Bennie and the Jets by Elton John. I chose this song because it has a good beat and it’s energetic.


GRA Ch 31-37 Blog Post A Bridge Home

Option 2  Viji describes walking to sell Kutti (p. 139) – “ wasn’t just my feet that dragged. It was like my mind was dragging my heart along, and it and the rest of my body didn’t want to come.”  What is something (either a personal possession or pet) that you would have a super hard time giving up even if you had no choice?   or What is something that you had to give up or sacrifice?  Explain that experience.

I am doing option 2 for my post on the “Bridge Home”

Something I’ve had to give up was my pet. When I lost her it was really sad and I didn’t want to give her up. We put her down but before we did I tried everything to make that not happen. Eventually I came to terms with it and it was hard but I did it.

STUBC Wk 4 – Task Two: Free Choice

Option 46 –  Quotes

Choose a quote that inspires you or is relevant to what you are learning. Explain why you chose the quote and what it means to you.

I am going to be telling you a quote that inspires me and motivates me to do great in whatever I am trying to do.

“I didn’t hear no bell.”

Mickey Goldmill says that in the Rocky movie franchise. This quote means don’t stop until it’s over. When I am trying something and I feel like I should give up I think of that quote and I don’t give up.

GRA Ch 23-30 Blog Post: Connections with Text Bridge Home

In this post I will be making connections from Chapter 23-30 of “The Bridge Home” to the world, myself or some other source of media.

In the passage there is a moment when the boys were looking through dumpsters for food. To me this is a connection to the world because in the world there are homeless people dumpster diving for something to eat.

There is a part where they are burying dead worms in the ground. To me this is a text to self because sometimes I’ve had to bury a pet before and it isn’t a happy feeling.

There is also a part where Arul buys a candle for god. This is a text to self for me because I’ve had to buy stuff in the name of god before.

There is a part where Arul says, “My step-brother sold me out”. I think this is a text to world because there some family’s if some child or family members isn’t wanted they get rid of them.

In the book Viji uses all her money to buy medicine for Rukku and I think it is sad. To me this is a text to world because some families spend all their money to help there family if they need help.

Also there is a part where a man in a church yells at all the kids because he assumes they are bad and are trying to steal. I think this is a text to world because they are some people who aren’t allowed to do stuff because they are assumed to be bad because they look bad.


Week 3 Fun With Photos

Task 2: Make an Image

If you don’t want to get copyrighted or use Creative Commons you should make some of your own images. Some things you could do.

  • You can draw your own picture and take a picture of it.
  • You can also use other apps.
  • You can also take pictures but not with other people without their permission.

GRA Ch 16-22 Blog Post

Character Bucket List:  Choose a character from the novel and write a 10 item bucket list – what would this character want to do or accomplish in his or her lifetime?

Rukku’s Bucket List

  1. Have lots of money
  2.  Have all the sweets in the world
  3.  Become princesses with Viji
  4.  Live with Arul and Muthu forever
  5.  Work at the tea shop forever
  6.  See Amma and Appa again
  7.  Do whatever I want
  8.  Have a castle
  9.  Become beautiful
  10.  Be the happiest person alive

Commenting Guidelines

Task 2: Commenting Guidelines.

It is important to leave good comments. So I made a list of steps of how to leave a good comment.

First Click on leave a Comment button.

Then follow these steps to leave a comment.

  1. Use good grammar and use complete sentences.
  2. Complement the person on what he did good.
  3. Tell the author what you found interesting.
  4. Give the author some helpful criticism on what he could do better                                                                                                                                                                                   I hope this helps you and you learned something.